Event Pricing

We will work with you in the planning process and are more than willing to share our experiences.  Feel free to pick our brains for ideas!  We have seen almost anything you can imagine for layout, dances, toasts, etc. Check out our extensive list of references and reviews. Let us know how we can make the wedding of your dreams come true!

2019 Dates

Peak season 2019

June 15, 22, 29
July 6, 13, 20, 27
August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
September 7

  • $675 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

Mid-Season 2019

June 1, 8
July 4
September 2, 14, 21
December 31

  • $525 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

Off Season 2019

Any day of the year not in the “Peak Season” or “Mid-Season” rates (Holidays Vary)

  • $400 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

2020 Dates

Peak season 2020

June 13, 20, 27
July 4, 11, 18, 25
August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
September 5

  • $675 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

Mid-Season 2020

June 6
September 7, 12, 19
December 31

  • $525 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

Off Season 2020

Any day of the year not in the “Peak Season” or “Mid-Season” rates (Holidays Vary)

  • $400 for 4 hours of music ($200 deposit)

  • $50/hr after 4 hours

  • Travel may apply (see below)

You may be asking yourself….Why do you only do a 4 hour contract? After 20+ years and 3000+ weddings we have found that the best way to keep a DJ engaged in an event is to reward them for keeping everyone dancing and having a fabulous time. The $50/hr goes directly to your DJ. This helps keep them more invested in the night and allows you to be flexible with how late you want your event to go.

Additional Services

Here's a list of the additional services we offer to complete your event.

  • Ceremony - $50 (includes gear move between locations, microphones, and inputs for instruments) - if we do not have to move our gear between ceremony and reception, then there is no fee for the ceremony
  • Dance Lights - $50 (multi-colored lights that move to the music)
    • See pictures below
  • Up-Lights - $25/light 4 available (stationary lights that are used to add color to a wall)
    • See pictures below
  • Projector - $75 (we have 3 available)
  • Projector Screen - $25 (8 ft and 6 ft screens available)
  • Generator - $75 (enough power to run our system for your ceremony or reception)


We travel all over Montana and even into Wyoming and Idaho. Don't see your location on this list? Our travel rate for other destinations is $1.00 per one-way mile traveled from Bozeman, MT.  If it is more than a 2.5 hour (or 150 mile) drive, there will be an additional $100 for a room.  We can talk about this more when we hear from you! 

  • Big Sky – $50 (includes Bucks T4, Rainbow Ranch, 320 Ranch, Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Resort)

  • Big Yellow Barn - no charge

  • Bridger Bowl – $25

  • Broken Heart Ranch – no charge

  • Butte – $80

  • Chico – $50

  • Dillon – $115

  • Gallatin Gateway – no charge

  • Headwaters - $35

  • Helena – $100

  • Mammoth – $85

  • Pony - $50

  • Three Forks – $25

  • Springhill Pavilion - no charge

  • West Yellowstone – $90

  • Whitehall – $50

photo credit Missy Short Photography


Here's some answers to the most asked questions we get from our clients. Use the handy search bar if you have a specific one.

Our event is not in Bozeman, Do you travel?

We absolutely travel out of Bozeman.  There is a list of our most common destinations and their prices on the Pricing/Travel page.  If your event is not at one of the locations feel free to call or email for a quote.

Is there a charge for set-up?

There is no charge for set-up, we do that on our own time.  We typically begin set-up approximately 1 hour before the music needs to be playing unless other arrangements have been made.


The furthest we can run our equipment from an outlet is 300 ft, which we can bring extension cords for that distance.  If there is no electricity we do have a generator available for rent.  The generator is $75 for the event.  This generator has enough power to run our system and up to 2 of our smaller lights.


Since we are a larger DJ service we offer the advantage of having many well trained and experienced DJs that would be great for your event.  That being said, some of our DJs have more experience with different kinds of weddings, different genre’s of music, or have played at your venue more times and “know the ropes” so to speak.  For example:  if you were wanting your reception to be mainly country music we would send one of our DJs that has more experience with that genre of music and also that kind of dancing.  This will allow them to effectively transition throughout the night.  Rest assured that we will assess your wedding and match it with our DJ that best fits the genre, attitude, personality, and venue of your event.  Finally, if you have a request for a particular DJ we will honor it whenever possible.

What if we change plans right before the wedding?

First of all, don’t worry it happens often.  We will be sending you a form once we have received your signed contract that will walk you through the night.  Everything from names, to songs, to how you would like to be announced (if applicable) is on the form and we recommend that you print it off and start thinking about these things.  However we ask that you not submit it until about 2 weeks prior to the event.  Finally, we will be contacting you the week of the wedding to confirm everything and make any necessary adjustments.

Can you do our ceremony and what is the price?

Yes we can absolutely music for your ceremony as well.  If we have to set-up in two different locations then there is a $50 ceremony fee.  We will bring along a microphone on a stand for your officiant if needed.  Also, we have a wireless lapel available for $50.

Can we stop by a wedding?

You could come to one of our weddings, but you may like or not like what you see.  Every bride is different.  Some like us to be really involved and get people out on the dance floor, while others just like us to be seen and not heard.  Some brides like the hokey pokey and the chicken dance, others hate it.  Some people like country, rap, hard rock, others do not.  We will cater to you and your guests.  Plus, would you want a random person showing up to your wedding to just “check out” how the DJ is?  Feel free to check out our references and testimonials page.

Can you play outside?

Yes, with all the beautiful scenery around the valley we often do.  If we are outside we ask that there be a way to cover the DJ table to protect our equipment (tent or be able to be inside with the DJ table) , however, we bring our own covers for the speakers so they can be outside even if it is raining.  For outdoor ceremonies we try to keep our setup very compact for the splash-and-dash rainstorm that is all too common in Montana.  This way we can quickly move everything inside if needed.

How far ahead should we book your service?

It depends upon the date. Some clients choose to contract a year in advance, while some are comfortable waiting until several months prior. Saturdays are the busiest nights, so waiting too long to hire a DJ (or any service) for a Saturday night might lead to disappointment.  Even though we are a larger service that can do up to 7 events at one time we still often book up every system months in advance.

Do you use a contract?

Yes, absolutely. You should get a written contract from all of your event services. No professional service operates without written contracts.  Make sure the contract includes the date, times and location of your event. We always send a written contract, guaranteeing your event details.  This can either be mailed or emailed to you in the form of a PDF document.  You will be sent a link to a form where you will fill out your information for your contract once your date has been confirmed.

What if you have an emergency on the day of my event?

Since we are a larger DJ service, we have multiple full-time DJs.  There is always someone available in case the unthinkable does happen.  We always make sure to have a couple of contingency options just in case.  Also, our equipment is basically 2 systems in 1 so there is always a back up on hand.  Finally, our DJs are a pretty close group.  Although we really don’t ever work together, we are constantly communicating with each other while going to and from gigs to make sure everyone arrives safely.

How much is your deposit requirement?

Our deposit fee is $200 for a peak-season event and $100 for mid/off-season events.  Please refer to the Pricing page for more details.  The remaining balance is due the night of the event and any time over the contracted 4 hours is settled at the end of the event ($50/hr after 4 hrs).

Do lights and effects cost extra?

Our lighting effects are available for an additional charge of $50.  Our lights work best in a very dark room so keep this in mind.  If you want the lights to have the optimal effect, the venue lights need to either be turned off in that area or dimmed.

Can we choose the music?

Yes, absolutely. You’re the boss.  You can control as much of the music as you would like.  We typically get the specifics on your important songs and then ask for a few artists and songs you like to get us started (covered on the Wedding Form).  Our DJs are phenomenal at reading a crowd and experienced at how to maintain the flow of the night, but if there is a particular song you really want to hear the night of just let us know.  Also, be sure to let us know if at any point in the night you need us to make a special announcement, turn the music up or down, or anything else that may come up.  All of this will be covered on our wedding form that you will be sent once we have received your signed contract.  We are more than happy to take requests from your guests also if you would like.

What kind of music do you have in your library?

We update our music library constantly.  Approximately 20,000 songs go to every gig with another 50,000 in our library at the office.  Finally, we will do our best to find any special request you have.  We always have the current radio hits from as many genres as we can.  We also have songs from the entire music spectrum from classical to rock and all of the best dance and love songs of every era.  Please let us know if you have specific songs or artists you want played at your event. 

What happens if you don’t have a song we want?

We do our best to have a large music library.  That being said, there is no feasible way we can guarantee to have every song you could request.  However, if we are notified in advance of especially important songs (covered on the Wedding Form) we almost always can find the songs requested.  Also we encourage you to bring your Ipod/Mp3 players in case there is a song that you think of on the wedding night that we do not have.  Finally, if needed we do have the option of playing a CD but we need to know in advance so we can be sure to have a player.

What are the traditional ceremony songs?

We are often asked to play music for ceremonies and there are a few songs in particular that we need to know about.  Prelude (bridal party entrance), Processional (Bride entrance), any music during the ceremony (unity candle, sand ceremony, etc.),  Recessional (Bride and Groom exit).   In addition to these, we play music for your guests as they are arriving at the ceremony to help with the atmosphere.  These are covered in the Wedding Form.

Will you help with announcements?

Absolutely.  We come equipped with a microphone and are happy to make announcements as well as help coordinate activities at your event. Let us know in advance if possible for any particular announcements you would like.  If something comes up the night of just let us know and we can adjust as needed . We also bring a cordless microphone which comes in handy for toasts and speeches.

You won’t try to show off or anything, right?

No, absolutely not. We will be professional, helpful, and courteous.  It’s your night, not ours, it is our job to make your night as stress-free and smooth as possible.  Whether you would like someone to just play some music and make the occasional announcement, or you need someone who is involved with as much as possible, we will cater to your wishes.  This is also an area we consider when determining which DJ will be best for your event.  We attempt to match the event to the DJ with a personality that compliments and fits your vision for the evening.  Finally, one of the first things you have to throw out to be a successful DJ is personal music preference.  We are hired to play your music choices, not our favorites.

What will you wear?

Shirt and tie with slacks and dress shoes, unless instructed otherwise.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We have different arrangements depending on the event.  For weddings we use 2 Loudspeakers (15″ JBL).  These are basically 2 systems in 1 so there is always a backup on hand and we bring extra cables, etc in the event of a malfunction.  For Dances , depending on the venue, we can either bring more of the JBL’s or we do have larger systems available that have multiple powered speakers and powered sub-woofers as well (the larger systems do have additional cost).

What time will you arrive?

Typically we arrive about 1 hour before we need to have music on. Our wedding systems usually take only 20-30 minutes to set up,  So we can have plenty of time to make any adjustments as needed.  Please let us know if you have any special needs.  We like to start ceremonies with some background music for your guests as they arrive approximately 30 min prior to the beginning of the ceremony.  For larger events that require larger systems and lights we may need more time to set up depending on the location.

Is there a charge to have you setup early, even if you won’t be playing music?

Most of the time we start playing music once the set up is complete.  We typically do not do early setups unless prior arrangements have been made.  DJs get paid for their time.  Also, many of our events are not in Bozeman and that makes it very difficult to do an early set up when you include travel times.  In very rare circumstances, arrangements can be made (depending on location) so feel free to call/email us about this if it will be an issue.

What do you need us to provide for you?

A standard 6-8 foot banquet table, two chairs and access to a standard electrical outlet. For the larger dance systems, multiple outlets on separate breakers are required for the speakers, subs, and lights but we can discuss this with you in more detail.

Do we need to provide food for the DJ?

We do not expect you to provide food for us.  We do greatly appreciate an offer of food since most events are done around a meal, however, we can always bring something with us to eat.  Either way, we will eat as quickly as we can and not interfere with you or your guests.

How much should I tip the DJ?

Tipping is not expected, but DJs do work hard to provide you with the best possible event and appreciate any show of recognition that you might deem appropriate. Tips typically range from 10% to 20%.

Do you own all of your music?

Yes, we pay for every song we play.  We have a membership to a service that sends all the newest music every month as well as all the great classics.  We also purchase individual songs if needed.

 Are you Insured?

Yes, we are insured.

Why should we choose Joe’s DJ Service over any other service?

The reputation, the references, the experience, and the expertise.  A great DJ can make a night unforgettable while a poor one can make the night stressful.  All of our DJs are trained to serve you and make the night perfect for everyone.