Here are the links to some important forms if you are planning on booking our service

Contract Form:

Please do not fill this form out until we have confirmed that your event date is available.  Just send us an email with your name, date, and location of event and we will get back to you with a quote and availability.  Once you have confirmed that your date is available, this link will take you to a form where you will fill in the information needed to get a contract written up.  We will then send you a contract (email or mail) based on your selections on the form.  It can take us a couple days to process theses during our busy seasons.  Once we receive your signed contract and deposit then you are officially in our books.  Congratulations on taking a great step to an unforgettable evening!

Contract Form

Wedding Form:

***Do no fill this out until we have received your signed contract and deposit***

The next step is to get all of the specifics for your event.  Brides/Grooms please fill this form out at least 2 weeks prior to your event.  You may want to preview the form now to give you an idea of what to start thinking about.  Please do not submit the form until you have all of the information filled in.  It is best to wait and not submit this form until you have things pretty much set in stone.  You can make changes once it has been submitted but you will have to resubmit the entire form to do so.  If you have minor changes after it has been submitted, you can email or call us with those changes as well.  Finally, we will be contacting you the week of your event to discuss all of the details and make sure we are all on the same page.  We can make any necessary adjustments during this call as well.

Wedding Form

Song List

This will take you to our old site (while the new one is under construction) where you can look at our song list.  Simply click on the “Song List” tab at the top of the link page.  We have many more songs than this list displays, this is just an example of the library we bring to every event.  If you have a song in particular you would like just include it on you Wedding Form and we will be sure to have it for you.

***This list is not complete and has not been updated in years!  We have access to any song that is publicly available through Amazon or I-tunes.  As well as any song that we have ever played throughout our 17+ years and 2100+ events.***

Song List

Walk-through of a Typical Wedding

Many of our clients have never planned for a wedding and thus we get a lot of questions about what the night will be like.  Well, the real answer is that it is completely up to you!  However, over the years we have identified some characteristics of most weddings and have compiled this walk-through to aid you in your planning.  We have the versatility to do pretty much anything so if you have any other ideas or special requests just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Please note that this is just to give you an idea of what your evening could look like but nothing is mandatory.

We will arrive approximately 1 hour before we need to have music on.  If we are doing your ceremony then we will start with some background music for your guests about 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.  We can provide a corded microphone on a stand for your Officiant.  The corded mic is the best way to do this; however, we do have a lapel microphone available for rent if desired. (Note: the lapel mic does not work at a couple locations due to interference; we will let you know if your location is one of these.)  As the ceremony begins, some clients have us play special music (all music of your choice) while their parents/grandparents are being seated. Then it’s usually the prelude (for groomsmen/bridesmaids/ring-bearer/flower girl) followed by the processional for the Bride’s entrance.  If you are doing a sand ceremony or lighting a unity candle, we can play a song for that as well.  We occasionally have people that read or sing something during the ceremony; they can use the corded mic if needed.  As the ceremony ends we then play a recessional song as you and your spouse walk back down the aisle.  Finally, if applicable, we quickly pack up and move to the reception site.

Once we are set up at the reception site we will start some more background music. Usually your guests at this time are having some cocktails while your photographer is getting some final pictures of you and your spouse.  As cocktails are finishing up, we can announce your arrival (please welcome for the first time Mr. & Mrs.                      ). Then it is time for dinner.

Your DJ and will check in with the caterer to make sure the food is ready and help notify you and your guests that it is time for dinner.  The bride and groom usually start the food line (are served first if it is a plated dinner), followed by the wedding party and parents/grandparents of the bride and groom.  Your guests will then be released (usually by table) to get into the food line.

As dinner is winding down we will bring a wireless microphone to whoever is doing the toasts.  Immediately following the last toast, we will instruct you and your spouse to head over to the cake table and cut the cake.  Once the cake is cut, there will be some mingle time where we encourage you to take time to greet your guests.  This will also give time to get cake to everyone and move any tables to make room for dancing if it is needed.

The dancing will begin with your 1st dance.  Make sure your parents know that they will be dancing with you immediately following the 1st dance (if you are doing this).  Following the 1st dance will be the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.  Then, we usually go into the anniversary dance (if applicable) where we have all the married couples start dancing.  As the song plays, we will start asking couples to leave the dance floor based on the number of years they have been married starting with the least amount of years.  The idea is that the final couple dancing will be the ones that have been married the longest.  After the anniversary dance it is time to put on a couple good songs and let the dancing commence.  We will announce the dollar/money dance (if you are doing it) as well as lead you through the garter and bouquet tosses.  Finally, encourage your guests to make requests and we will keep them having fun and dancing all night.


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