06/08/2013 Dasinger/Johnston Wedding: Chico

Congratulations to Kaleb Dasinger & Katie Johnston on their wedding at Chico Hot Springs.  A ceremony in the Field of Dreams lead to dinner under a big tent, then it was into the Convention Center for some great dancing.  AJ bounced from place to place throughout the night to keep music filling the whole area at Chico.  The dance party was one that filled the whole dance floor at Chico...
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06/01/2013 Kienitz/Vandenburg Wedding: Baxter

Congratulations to Tim Kienitz & Lisa Vandenburg on their wedding at the Baxter.  The ceremony started out E-Free Chruch, then it was off to the Baxter for some fun.  AJ got the privilege of being there for a great friend's wedding again this week.  We continually ran into the problem of needing to move tables to make enough room for everyone to dance! Vendors: Catering: Famous Daves Photographer: Tanner Schmidt...
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06/01/13 Marlenee/Phillips Wedding: Woodlands

Congratulations to Justyne Marlenee & Matt Phillips on their wedding at the Woodlands.  Tim headed up Cottonwood Canyon for a fun filled night.  A great mixture of music covering all the best oldies, country, and new stuff kept everyone grooving until way past dark....
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